Jaime Wolfson (Austria - exploring South Africa)

Jaime Wolfson Studied piano, conducting and composition at University of Music in Mexico City, University of Music in Linz/Austria and University of Music in Vienna/Austria

Took masterclasses and workshops with György Kurtág, Hans Zender, Christian Wolf, Georg Nussbaumer, Tristan Murail, Peter Herbert, Christian Ofenbauer, Harald Ossberger, Manon Liu Winter, Bela Alterman, Ewa Bukojemska, Heinz Medjimorec a.o.

Since 2002 performing with the „Ensemble Wiener Collage“ frequently

In 2009 became member of the „Ensemble Wiener Collage“ and is composing an opera for this company, which is gonna be performed in 2012

Performing as a pianist regularly in Vienna with groups such as Platypus, EWC, Lux, Reconsil and the “Mitteleuropäisches Kammerorchester”
In 2009 he composed a piece for the Festival “Wien Modern”

Since 2007 is working together with the company „Platypus – contemporary music”, where he is the leader of the ensemble, with which he performed in Mexiko, Schwaz (Klangspuren) and Vienna (Wien Modern, Jeunesse, u.a.) and going to perform in Brasilia, Czech Republic and Germany in 2011

He got scholarships from „Verein Mozart-Wien“, the „Czibulka-Stiftung“, of the „SKE“, the “FONCA-Mexiko” and the “BUAP-Mexiko”
In 2010 he received the “Theodor Körner Kompositions-Preis” (Austria)