about the project

Exploring the World

14 programmes / 14 meeting points

The excitement for discovering far away countries and unknown cultures has always been one of mankind’s biggest endeavours. The zest of exploring the new has always been without limits. There are only few memories as lasting as those of first steps on unknown soil, yet to be explored continents, as poignant as those of southern sunsets and northern lights.

Childhood memories of waking in a caravan at a camping place in the Etosha pan in Namibia, accompanied by the morning smells and sounds of the wild, the feeling of infinite awe and peace, standing across the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto on a rainy winter morning or the first touchdown in New York- romantic, poignant and vibrant memories which never fade.

We have decided to find a way of travelling, exploring and discovering through our music.

We chose 14 countries from all continents to explore:
Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and the United States of America.

We chose three composers from each country to represent their countries. We have tried to show diverse stylistic tendencies in all the countries, or represent an overview over the younger generation of composers in that country. We are very happy to have found so many interesting and talented composers from all over the world, either works fitting the instrumentation linked to each country programme, or willing to write new works for this project too.

Additionally, we commissioned 42 Austrian composers, allocating three to each chosen country to write new works which would explore the country in question. The commission stated the list of instruments and an approximate duration. We wanted each composer to find her or his way of exploring the assigned country and look forward to the result of these musical explorations.

Pending funding, we are also planning to record all 14 programmes and make all works available in a 14 CD box by 2014.
The concert series will commence on 29th of March 2014 with the Kick-Off-Event at Alte Schmiede Vienna. The country programmes will be performed at the Joseph Haydn Hall of the Vienna Music University, starting May 25th.

We cordially invite you to travel with us, to explore and discover the music of all 87 composers from the 14 countries and Austria included in “Ensemble Reconsil – Exploring the World” with us.

Roland Freisitzer