Pierre-Henri Wicomb (South Africa)

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Pierre-Henri Wicomb was born in 1976 in South Africa. After completing his masters degree in composition under the guidance of Hendrik Hofmeyr at the University of Cape Town Pierre-Henri was awarded a bursary to study overseas from a Dutch organization, NZAV.
He was accepted at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag and studied there for 2 years under Gilius van Bergeijk, Diderik Wagenaar and Martijn Padding. During his studies he and a few other composers started the choreographed-sound improvisation group Woof.
The group explored the choreographed movement surrounding sound generation using everyday objects. The group was commissioned to do a piece at The Paradiso Theatre in Amsterdam.

In 2006 Pierre-Henri was chosen to work with the Asko ensemble. He wrote a piece for them, Polaroid, which was premiered at the Paradiso Theatre in Amsterdam and also broadcasted over the local radio station, Concert Zender. After receiving one of the highest marks in the composition department for his studies, the Royal Conservatory nominated him for the prestiges Huygens scholarship.

His music has also been broadcasted overĀ  Swedish and South African radio stations and played in Brazil, America, Switserland and South Africa. Pierre-Henri has had matersclasses with George Crumb, Louis Andriessen, Clarence Barlow and Ramon Anthin.

Other ensembles/ musicians Pierre-Henri has worked with or are currently engaged with are The London Chamber Company, The Python Quartet, Gimba, ACM ensemble, KZN Philharmonic Orchestra, Ejncp, Ums `n Jip, Potage du Jour, Reconsil ensemble, Kontrabassduo Studer -Frey and Petra Ronner. Pierre-Henri was recently chosen for the Pro Helvetia funded composition residency in Swizerland.