Norbert Sterk (Austria - exploring Canada)

Norbert Sterk “Composing is an attempt to revive the silence and the noise in me, to trust their colours and sounds, without subjecting them to a corset, and to become aware of them in a caring, multifaceted manner. Composition itself is a careful monitoring of this slow perception and describes a hearing process”

Norbert Sterk was born in Vienna on the 4th of December, 1968. He studied at the conservatory of the City of Vienna (piano, double bass, music theory and composition) and at Vienna University (philosophy, musicology and theatre science).

From 1994-99 he pursued composition studies with Heinz Karl Gruber.
He attended seminars by the composers Ivan Eröd, Karl Heinz Füssl, Alfred Schnittke and Kurt Schwertsik, by the singer Maria Teresa Escribano and vocal physiologist Michael Heptner.
Norbert Sterk workes as a qualified speech therapist.

2004 and 2009 he received the Austrian National Scholarship for Composition and 2008 the Theodor Koerner Award.
Performances (among others) with Ensemble Reconsil Vienna, “die reihe” Ensemble, “Wiener Collage” Ensemble (with Pierre Boulez), ensemble LUX, Studio for Contemporary Music Moscow, Argento Chamber Ensemble (USA), Ensemble Kontrapunkte, Oslo Sinfonietta, KammarensembleN (Stockholm), Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, Trio Accanto, Haydn Trio Eisenstadt, Vocal Ensemble Stimmwerck and Cinquecento