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Gerald Resch, born in Linz, Austria, in 1975, studied composition with Michael Jarrell at the University of Music, Vienna, from 1993–2000. A scholarship at the music university Cologne, where he worked with York Hoeller, stimulated Resch’s interest for working with organic sound sculptures. From 2001 to 2002 Gerald Resch was a postgraduate student of Beat Furrer in Graz which was an important experience for the development of musical economy. Since 2004 he is teacher for musical analysis at the Bruckner-University Linz, since 2008 senior lecturer for harmony and counterpoint at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.

My music has its point of departure in observations made in my living environment. Encounters, junctures, abstract patterns etc. all are able to inspire the beginning of a composition. I like superimpositions, unforeseen changes of perspective and hidden symmetry. I also like to invent logical, but surprising developments of simple material. Mostly I use succinct note sequences from which motivic groupings, harmonic space, rhythms, proportions and the possibility of musical context are organically derived. One of my pieces has the movement headings Exactitude, Lightness, Clearness, Multiplicity and Quickness. These terms define the space in which my music moves.