Gerhard Krammer (Austria - exploring Australia)

Gerhard Krammer Born on September 3rd 1965 in Oberwart (Austria). Grew up in Jabing. There also first education, afterwards High School upper contactors (maturity examination 1984). Since 1979 he studied Organ at the Institute of Music in Oberschuetzen (Austria). Afterwards he studied Musical theory and German Literature in Graz (Diploma-thesis on “douze notations” by Pierre Boulez, Magister artium). He is teaching Musical theory at the Musikgymnasium Oberschuetzen / Institute Oberschuetzen of the University of Music and Arts Graz (Ear-Training, Counterpoint, Harmonics).

Gerhard Krammer composed pieces for acoustical instruments – solo, chamber music and even orchestral music. Since almost 20 years he is in contact with different kinds of electronic and computer-based music. He wrote several pieces for electronics solo. In the last year he developed “sound-frames”©, where he combined acoustic and electronic sounds. He also works on crossover projects with painters, actors, dancers, light- and video-performancers.

Gerhard Krammers' pieces have been performed in Austria, Germany (Bayreuth), Italy (La Fenice – Venice), Belgium (Brussels), France (Paris), Poland (Krakau), Italy (Bozen), Slowakia (Bratislava) and the Philippines (Manila).
Pieces of Gerhard Krammer were commissioned by the ORF (Austrian Broadcasting cooperation) and the Cultural Department of Burgenland.

He is also member of the Austrian composer’s association “KIBU”. Since 2001 Gerhard Krammer is the musical coordinator of the annual European Workshop-Series “eu-art-network”, where he worked together with composers from all over Europe.

Prices (selection):
1983 Großer Österreichischer Jugendpreis
1989 Winner of „Komponisten auf der Spur” by Jeunesse musicales
1995 Scholarship of the Department oft Burgenland for composition
2000 1st price of the composition-competition Burgenland (Piece for orchestra)
2009 Jenö Takacs Kompositionspreis