Tamara Friebel (Austria - exploring Hong Kong)

Tamara Friebel Tamara Friebel is an Australian composer and performer, living in Vienna. Her works delve into the essence and aura of things - from philosophical texts to ancient poetic verses - uncovering anything from lurking madness to unseen fragility. She works with scores, electronics, live-electronics, self-made instruments, video and sculptural forms. Performance with vocals, laptop and various instruments including violin, viola, piano, french horn, mirror plates, wine & port glasses, brass shimmy, steel plate antennas and occasionally a gramophone. Past teachers include Chaya Czernowin, Karlheinz Essl and Zaha Hadid. She is currently writing her compositional PhD with Liza Lim, Tzotzil Metamorph: A non-causal compositional process between premastered improvisation and subsequent mimetic-scripting in a relationship of composition ~ architecture ~ installation ~ performance. Recent commissions and projects with Jeunesse, Platypus Ensemble, SNIM, Klingekunst, Elektronischer Frühling, Alte Schmiede, Brut Künstlerhaus, V'elak Gala, Moë, Masc Foundation, Salzburg ArgeKultur.