Matthew Gregory Smith

Place of Birth - Bludenz, Austria Oct. 23, 1986

• Begins his first bassoon studies at the public music school of Feldkirch at the age of 6.
• Student with Allen Smith at the Vorarlberger Landeskonservatorium from 1998 - 2005 (during this period 7 times winner of the nationwide music competition „prima la musi- ca“, and winner of the competition „gradus ad parnassum“ in 2004)
• 2005 - 2010 Studies at the Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst with Richard Galler
• Since 2010 working as a freelancing musician, performing several genres and musical styles (classical, modern, avant garde, Jazz)

Professional experience since 2001

• 2001 becomes a member of the Sinfonieorchester Vorarlberg.
• since 2003 member of the woodwind ensemble Octogon.
• 2004 - founds the bassoon trio „Tri - Omph“ with Heidrun Wirth (solo bassoon Sinfo- nieorch. Bern) and Benedikt Schobel (Solo bass. Sinfonieorch. Basel) numerous con- certs, nationaly and internationally follow the years till 2011
• 2005-2006 main substitute at the Viennese Radio Sinphony Orchestra (Solo- Contra- bassoon and 2. Bas.)
• 2010 becomes a member of the Bigband ensemble „Studio Dan“
• becomes a member of Ensemble Reconsil in 2011